Official Molenkoning (MK) distributor for Australia

At Elite Equine Group, we are the official Molenkoning (MK) distributor for Australia. We offer a wide selection of Molenkoning horse walkers and will gladly work with you to find the horse walker that meets your farm’s needs. We sell our horse walkers as kits for you to assemble or offer expert installation and setup services.

Horse walkers are an essential piece of equipment for any farm. When you work with Elite Equine Group, you will discover we carry horse walkers to fit nearly any budget. From simple, affordable horse walkers to more elaborate horse walkers with roofs, we are sure to have the horse walker you are looking for.

DIY - horse walker kit

The self-install horse exerciser includes an assembly kit with all the necessary “tools for success”! In about 2 to 3 hours your new MK walker will be ready!

We always have horsewalkers 10,12,15,16,18,20 meter in stock.

Just a 230V connection to a separate group. We can also supply 110V horsewalkers. To connect our machines is a quick and easy process that does not require an electrician. They are “plug and play”.

A horsewalker has a warranty of 2 year in every part except on the turn bearing. Additionally you could extend the 2 years warranty to the turn bearing by adding to your horseawalker a MK automatic Lubrication System.


A Molenkoning horse walker is a specialized piece of equipment designed to exercise horses in a controlled and automated manner.

Advantages for Horse Walker:

Consistent Exercise: A horse walker ensures that the horse gets a consistent amount of exercise even when the owner or trainer is unavailable.

Warm-Up/Cool-Down: It can be used as a warm-up or cool-down mechanism before or after more intense exercise.

Advantages for Owners/Trainers:

Time-Saving: Owners and trainers can accomplish other tasks while the horse is being exercised.

Multiple Horses: Some models allow for exercising multiple horses at the same time, making it a more efficient option for large stables.

track roof

A track roof over your horse walker ensures that your horses get a regular exercise and the roof protects your animals of the inclement weather but Molenkoning track roofs thank to their five meters wide scope ensure an effective coverage no matter how the climate is. With an eaves height of 2.7 m the track roof enables tall horses exercise.

We have standard designs as the Comfort and Full Option track roofs but any of our fences can be combined with a roof element. Our covers also can be custom made for existing horse exercisers as they can be modified and adjusted to meet your needs. This allows us to be able to offer our clients the best roofs for a very competitive price.

Our mechanics build a horse walker with roof and fence in 3 days but self installation is also possible..

We can supply technical drawings of the structure and when necessary we can adapt the roofs construction to the local council requirements.


A track roof can make your Molenkoning horse walker more versatile and functional, allowing you to get the most out of your investment in any weather.

Better Exercise Conditions

  1. Less Dust: A roof can help to contain dust, which is better for both the horse's and handler's respiratory health.
  2. Wind Protection: Offers some degree of protection from the wind, making it more comfortable for the horse and reducing distractions.


  1. Lighting and Fixtures: Having a roof structure makes it easier to install overhead lighting or fans, further enhancing the comfort and usability of the horse walker.

Rail Gliding Horsewalker - Oval & circular

The latest Molenkoning innovation; for those who requires something different. This popularly known as Oval Walker, has no limits in terms of size. Custom made as big as you wish! This horse walker can be square, rectangular or even round. The minimum possible size for an oval rail gliding is 10×19 meters while the minimum possible size for a round rail gliding is 10 meters diameter.

Dual Purpose: Combined is a round yard and horse walker, which elimates time and cost associated with building two structures.

For most of our railgliding walkers you will only need a 230V connection to a separate group. We can also supply 110V horsewalker. Some of the bigger horsewalkers might have some additional power requirements, we will always inform you well. To connect our machines is a quick and easy process that does not require an electrician. They are “plug and play”. A rail gliding has a warranty of 2 year in every part.


Here are some benefits of the Molenkoning rail gliding horse walker:

Natural Movement: Horses can move more freely and naturally, as they aren't restricted by tethers. This can help in promoting relaxation and a more consistent gait.

Safety: With no ropes or tethers, there's a reduced risk of entanglement or injury. Horses can stop, speed up, or slow down based on their comfort.

Stress Reduction: The rail walker reduces stress for horses because they aren’t constrained. They can see their surroundings and react more naturally to any external stimuli.

More Horse-Friendly: Some horses feel more at ease and relaxed when not being tethered, making the training or conditioning process smoother.

Simulates Herd Dynamics: In larger rail walkers, multiple horses can be exercised at once, simulating a more natural herd dynamic. This can be beneficial for socialization.

Versatility in Training: Trainers can use the rail walker for a variety of exercises, not just walking or trotting. They can introduce new elements or obstacles within the rail system to diversify training.

Less Wear and Tear: With no central rotating mechanism, there might be less maintenance and wear and tear over time.

Space Utilization: Depending on the design, the middle of the rail walker can be used for other purposes, such as a round pen or a lounging area.

Aesthetic Appeal: The rail walker can have a more modern and streamlined appearance, which can enhance the overall look of an equestrian facility.

Adaptable to Weather: With appropriate roofing or covering, the rail walker can be used in various weather conditions, ensuring consistent exercise for the horses.

Easier Introduction for Horses: New or young horses might find the rail system less intimidating than traditional tethered systems, making the introduction to the walker a smoother process.

Dual Purpose: Combined Is A Round Yard And Horse Walker, Which Elimates Time And Cost Associated With Building Two Structures.

Elite Equine Group Are The Exclusive Provider Of The Dual Purpose Rail Glide - Horse Walker And Round Yard.


1. Fourteen aluminum bars pusher gate

2. View blocking pusher gate:

3. Safeguard pusher gate

4. Safeguard view blocking pusher

5. Steel mesh and rubber pusher gate

6. Protection cover with concrete base for control box and computer

7. Computer control box: 

8. Automatic lubrication system

9. Irrigation system

About Accessories

1. Fourteen aluminum bars pusher gate: Our standard divider for horsewalkers. These bars are 1500 mm long.

2. View blocking pusher gate: These blinders gates are frequently requested for those clients that have strong stallions. There are composed of 14 aluminum bars 1500mm long and 13 strokes of black PVC.

3. Safeguard pusher gate: The bestseller MK pusher gate! These 2000 mm long dividers with 14 PVC rods have it all!! They are flexible, safe, long lasting and conduct the impulse of the electric fence. They are definitely a must have for those who always buy quality.

4. Safeguard view blocking pusher: All the advantages of our safeguard with a plus. Just adding to our safeguard bars a light weight windbreak net we create the feeling that the divider is a wall that your horses won’t attend to cross.

5. Steel mesh and rubber pusher gate: Safety is always first! That is why we offer to our clients the traditional steel mesh dividers only with rubber flaps. Due to the particular size of the mesh panel dangerous chains are not needed!

6. Protection cover with concrete base for control box and computer: Galvanized case that protects the operator against all weather conditions.

7. Computer control box: Programmable computer with touchable screen that allows you to create up to 100 different and personalized training programs for your horses.

8. Automatic lubrication system: Your machine can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system.

9. Irrigation system: How great is to turn on your walker and spray water on the track.

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