The washing and cleaning areas can be designed individually with various equipment options. In this way, on-site conditions can be used optimally.

Tie-up posts and rings in various designs enable safe cleaning and washing of the horse. Separating bows are available in free-standing execution or with welded-on tie-up posts. They can be supplied with half-height or floor-to-ceiling hardwood panels if required.

All products are available in galvanised finish, with powder coating or in stainless steel and can be variable combined with each other.


Our stable feeders offer the greatest possible safety for horse and human and guarantee the fast feeding of even large horse populations. Using one of our feeding options, the internal horse stable doesn’t have to be entered to feed the concentrated feed.

The feeding systems can of course be combined with any of our internal stable front.

Our stable feeders are available in a semicircular shape made of stainless steel or galvanised as rectangular mangers. The rotating mangers device is always equipped with a semicircular manger; for the feeding flap and feeding slot the shape of the manger is irrelevant.


The drinking bowls are available in different models and designs. They can be mounted with or without a safety guard and the water quantity can be infinitely adjusted.

In addition to the normal watering systems, we can also offer you heated watering technology that reliably supplies your horses with fresh water even at sub-zero temperatures. The different heating systems can also be used without heated drinking bowls and convince with their reliable water circulation.

As Always Our Focus Is On Durability, Safety And Everyday Convenience.

It Goes Without Saying That All Accessories Are Also Designed Exclusively With Horses In Mind.