elite equine group

Elite Equine Group are a performance driven and innovative equestrian products provider.

Our focus is providing the Australian equine industry with the best premium quality products and services from around the world.

Supported by the world’s most dynamic and highly skilled ecosystem of partners and providers, we provide products and services that make your equestrian experience more functional and pleasant.

Elite Equine Group is committed to providing the equine industry with the highest possible quality, customer service and care.

Our entire equine range undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure it meets the highest internationally
recognised quality standards.

Keith Callanan - MANAGING Director

Keith has over 20 years' experience in the Construction and Equestrian sectors working with top tier companies globally.

Keith has extensive experience in business management, construction project management and product development.

He enjoys collaborating with everyone in the equine industry. Keith has a passion for equestrian development and adding value to the Australian Equine Industry.

Gemma Callanan - Operations Director

Gemma has worked in Construction, Property and Logistics sectors for many years. She is an administrative professional who manages supply chain operations for Elite Equine Group.

Within Elite Equine Group, she works closely with suppliers,
production team members, company leadership, sales teams and inventory control specialists in the Australian Equine Industry.

Gemma brings a wealth of skills to Elite Equine Group including
problem-solving skills, analytical skills and leadership skills.

She is also responsible for overseeing the overall business
operations strategy for Elite Equine Group.

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