Round Yards

The horse walker is enclosure with Molenkoning´s Round Fence inside and outside of the track. Which can be naturally “custom made” to match the color of the track roof.

Walking and Lunging Arenas

A full option roof is equipped regularly with our special windbreak stretching system whose ensures that your horses always have sufficient fresh air and ventilation, while avoids strong wind and keeps out sun and rain.

horse-handling facilities

The protection net is mounted on a steel ring along the outside fence and its colors can be chosen in between green and black.

Elite Equine Group can provide the complete supply and fitting which includes structural engineering, council approvals and final sign-off.

benefits for the horse

  1. Focused Training: The enclosed space allows the horse to focus on the trainer and the task at hand without the distractions of a larger environment.
  2. Safety: The round design ensures that there are no corners where a horse can feel trapped or where they might attempt to escape, making it a safer option for training and conditioning.
  3. Consistency: Because the space is confined, the horse can get used to the environment quickly, which helps in developing a consistent training routine.
  4. Freedom of Movement: In a round yard, the horse has more freedom to move, turn, and change directions, which is closer to their natural behavior.

benefits for the trainer

  1. Control: A round yard gives the trainer a controlled environment for introducing new commands, refining existing skills, or addressing behavioral issues.
  2. Versatility: The space can be used for a variety of exercises, from basic groundwork to more advanced maneuvers, depending on the horse's level of training.
  3. Observation: The design allows the trainer to stand in the center and have a clear view of the horse's movement, making it easier to spot irregularities or issues.
  4. Efficiency: Working in a confined space can make the training more efficient as both the trainer and horse are focused on each other, and commands are more easily enforced and understood.

More Advantages

  1. Space-Saving: Round yards usually require less space than a full-sized arena, making them a good choice for properties with limited space.
  2. Cost-Effective: In general, setting up a round yard can be less expensive than a full-sized arena, especially if fewer materials are needed for construction.
  3. Portability: Some round yards are designed to be portable, allowing you to set them up in different locations as needed.
  4. Multi-Purpose: Beyond training, a round yard can also be used for light exercise, warm-up before a ride, or even as a holding area.
  5. Safety for Novice Handlers: For inexperienced handlers or trainers, the confined space can offer an extra layer of safety when working with a horse.

The Aspects Of Safety, Functionality And Longevity Are Always Ranked First.