Legacy Rail

Legacy Bold is a premium rail that closely resembles traditional board fence.

Legacy Bold is our premium and most asked for rail that closely resembles traditional board fence. It carries a Limited Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty, that is transferable one time. No other fencing on the market today offers this benefit!

Impact resistant, flexible fencing.

Legacy Rail has also survived some of the greatest storms and severe weather. Trees have fallen on this fence, putting more pressure on the rail than any farm animal would.

The rail will flex 150mm–200mm on impact. In most cases, the trees were cut off the fence and the rails have sprung back. With superior break strength and flexibility, the force of an impact radiates down the entire line of fencing dissipating that force. No traditional wood fence can offer you that kind of strength or forgiveness.

Use in combination with our other rails to create a custom fence made for your particular horses. The rails are also saturated with UV inhibitors and anti-fungicides.

sizes and specifications

Our engineers have designed, as well as field tested, all the Legacy Fence hardware we supply. Each piece is first hot-dip galvanized then powder coated to ensure it will hold up for the lifespan of your fence. Brackets allow the fence to flex on impact and can be determined for 2.4m, 3.0m or 3.6m post spacing.

Available at the following sizes and specifications: 

  • Legacy Rail Bold – Black, White & Natural / 135mm
  • Legacy Rail Electric – Black, White & Natural / 130mm
  • Legacy Rail Classic – Black, White & Natural / 110mm
  • Legacy Rail Slimline – Black, White & Natural / 95mm

Impact Resistant, Flexible Safe Fencing.