DiamondGrid™ is 100% recycled polypropylene, engineered for load of up to 1000 Tonnes per square meter, with up to 96% permeability, Diamond Grid is ecologically friendly and highly durable.

DiamondGrid™ delivers a high-quality product that will remain an equine industry leader in the drainage and soil erosion, using recycled plastic.

Applications suitable for Diamond Grid include:

• Stable Breezeways
• Stable Floors Areas
• Horse Walker Floors
• Wash-bay Floor Areas
• Heavy Vehicle Haul/Access Roads
• Paddock Walkways
• Driveways and sloped walkways

Diamond GriD Recommended Fill Options

After materials and load testing, plus time in the market, more
applications for the product became apparent, with adoption in the following equine sectors

diamond grid fill options

Diamond Grid Specificiations